Distributed Generation Assets

Centrica Projects acquired August 2022

The Company has a second division, Revolve Renewable Business Solutions which installs and operates sub 20MW “behind the meter” distributed generation (or “DG”) assets.

The Centrica acquisition immediately delivers a solid foundation of operating projects and a recurring base of revenues to the Company’s distributed generation division.This division was established to target distributed generation projects with customers across a range of different industries, including manufacturing operations and hotel chains, in the US and Mexico. These projects include rooftop solar, battery storage and energy efficiency projects of up to 5MW located at the customer’s premises. The Company’s vision is to develop, construct and finance projects entering into long term (typically in the range of 10 years) power purchase agreements (“PPAs”) for the sale of electricity from the projects to underlying customers.

Revolve Renewable Business Solutions currently has an operating portfolio of 2.85MW with an additional 6.2MWh in the construction phase.